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Laredo Forage Soybean

The Oldest Variety of Soybean Still in Production

Laredo forage soybeans are the original forage soybean. The resilient plant and re-seeding tendency has allowed it to withstand the test of time like no other soybean variety has.


Characteristics that make it a great forage soybean:


  • Oldest soybean variety still in production.  Originated from Yangpingguan, Shaanxi, China, in 1915. No other soybean variety has stood the test of time like the Laredo.
  • Indeterminate growth habit allows it to continue to grow after browsing.
  • A bush type, maturity group VI forage soybean.
  • Has tolerated shallow flooding for brief periods during the growing season without mortality.
  • Laredo is tough soybean that can grow in a range of conditions.


Unique Characteristics only found in Laredo Forage Soybeans:

  • Black seed coat
  • “Hard Seed” trait – up to 26% of the seed contains “Hard Seed”.  This trait allows Laredos to re-seed from one growing season to the next.  For the waterfowl manager where the plants will be submerged during duck season, hard seed greatly reduces decomposition rates maintaining its attraction and food value for a longer time than a conventional soybean variety.
  • Small seed size – smallest of any soybean variety.  Up to 8,000 seeds per pound.  Requires fewer pounds of seed to plant per acre.


Laredo's unique black seed coat preserves the seed allowing to to re-seed itself. Laredo forage soybeans tolerate high browsing pressure late into the growing season. Maximum protein for maximum results.